Necromancer: A Tale of the Last City

After the death of the Gods, his best friend (and horrible butler), and the love of his life, Kel Lothless has retreated into himself. Taking odd jobs here and there pays the bills but it isn’t enough to fill the void within him after such tremendous loss. However, now the God of Death has called upon him once again and with the aid of Shalinde the zombie necromancer priestess of death who has taken up residence with him Kel is put back into a life and death situation.


With the balance of power tipping precariously towards chaos in Horizon, Kel Lothless must use all of his wits and power to find the new God of War, and stop Horizon from being destroyed by raw power. What Kel doesn’t know, is that the new God of War will test him in ways he never thought possible, and force him to come face to face with his own demons.


Tales of Horizon

Centuries ago the heavens exploded and rained destruction upon the world of Palar. The Gods fell from their thrones like burning meteors and their kingdoms fell with them. The world  died that day but humanity ever the survivor and one by one they were drawn to the city of Horizon. A city built with the ruins of the godrealms that fell. Humanity found shelter there and they also found their gods waiting for them.


Intro to Necromancer: A Tale of the Last City

I’m hanging by my fingertips off the ledge of a tower and I’d like to say that I’m surprised, but honestly, I did this to myself—again. I can hear the voices of the people hunting me and they are getting closer. I can see the glow of their lamps, both through the crack in the window, and from many stories below me. The Lamplighters were a new gang that was spat out of Candlelight. A year ago, when the Tatter came down, they came out. The Lamplighters were also why I was here. Dealing with them was my job and apparently, trying to kill me was their job—I have no idea why.

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The Testimonials

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Ashleigh Sankey

Writers like Sarachman have proven that they are more than capable of achieving success on their own, without the constraints of traditional publishers. Sarachman has a creative and unique vision, and weaves a compelling new society of deities, catastrophe and magic, complete with a rich history of this new world he has created. Sorcerer is written in a unique style, allowing Sarachman to teach readers the past of the world Palar through recovered texts, while seamlessly developing a thrilling adventure through the sarcastic nature and reckless actions of the story’s hero, Kel Lothless, along with some unlikely pairings of friends.

Glen Ishikawa

Amazing! I really enjoyed this story.

Marvis Griese

Great eBook. Could not put it down. Can not wait for the next in the series.

Arthur Durling

Worth every cent. Epic fantasy at it finest.

About The Author

David Sarachman
David Sarachman is the author of Sorcerer: A Tale of the Last City, the first in a series of fantasy novels centered in the City of Horizon, the last city of Humanity. His Newest book and continuation of the story of Kel Lothless will be coming out February 2018!
David was born in 1972 which is only important if you're trying to hack his myspace account. An avid roleplayer, table top gamer, video game aficionado and Lego gourmet; David's unique skill set has prepared him for the inevitable machine uprising so as long as that uprising involves dice rolling or Lego.
This is David’s first book. Well not his FIRST book. He’s written others, but this is the first book he’s published. And to be honest the other books were just He-Man fan-fic where Teela falls in love with a dashing (but slightly portly) wizard named “Day-Vid” (no relation) and they live in Castle Greyskull playing videogames all day.
This book is probably better than that.

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